Innovation Innovation


We work with clients at all stages of the innovation process, from early stage foundational insight through to ideation and concept development/testing.

Our approach to innovation is grounded in deep, contextual and behavioural insights, including:

  • Behavioural Deep Dive: In-context immersion into consumer habits and behaviours to identify unmet needs; disrupting behaviours using an ‘experiment box’ to unlock fresh insights into key choice drivers.
  • Ideation: Using behavioural insights to fuel creativity and generate whitespace ideas to drive growth.
  • In-context concept and product evaluation: Placing ideas and products with consumers for evaluation within a target occasion and over time.
  • Sensory deconstruction: Capturing sensory feedback about a product experience - exploring visual, aroma, taste, texture and tactile elements before, during and after the experience.

Our behaviourally-inspired outputs include jobs to be done and detailed briefs to support product/packaging development and branding and communications strategies.